Air Canada官网现可使用微信支付宝订票

Air Canada官网现可使用微信支付宝订票

MONTREAL, Aug. 21, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ – Air Canada today announced that Alipay and WeChat Pay as payment choices are now available when booking on the carrier’s North American and Hong Kong websites. Air Canada is the first Canadian airline and is amongst the first North American carriers to offer these secure payment options in North America.

“Since last fall, our customers around the world have been able to use their preferred local method of payment when purchasing flights on in their home country, including Alipay and WeChat Pay options in China. With increasing numbers of customers purchasing tickets in North America and Hong Kong looking to use these alternate forms of payment, we are very pleased to expand AliPay and WeChat Pay options to bookings in Canada, the USA and Hong Kong. This is another important element of our global expansion strategy as we increase our focus on providing our international customers with their preferred method of payment when purchasing outside China,” said John MacLeod, Vice President, Global Sales and Alliances at Air Canada.

Air Canada processes alternative and local payment methods via a single gateway. This makes it easy for the airline to expand, adding new payment methods as needed without requiring individual contracts, or additional development work. Air Canada’s customers are able to transact locally on using iDeal in the Netherlands, Sofort and Giropay in Germany, Bancontact in Belgium, Poli in Australia, Alipay plus WeChat Pay in China, Canada, the USA and Hong Kong.

BTW,Air Canada又和两家银行把Aeroplan收购回来了……也就是说不用再担心2020后Aeroplan无处用的问题……&nbsp

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